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“Bituo” and “Tetracomp Electronic Components Ltd”
“Bituo” and “Tetracomp Electron...

At 1st August 2022, warmly congratulate that we BITUO ELECTRIC CO., LTD (Hereafter “BITUO”) reached an exclusive distributor agreement with TETRACOMP ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS LTD (Hereafter “TETRACOMP”). BITUO ELECTRIC, founded in 2009, has established one product...

Push-Button Switches And Types Of Switches
Push-Button Switches And Types ...

The Push-Button Switches are multi-functional switch widely used in various industries.

A Guide to Car Cigarette Lighter Sockets
A Guide to Car Cigarette Lighte...

Cigarette lighter sockets, also known as accessory sockets or power outlets, come in various types to accommodate different devices and applications.

What Is a Toggle Switch and How Is It Used in Cars?
What Is a Toggle Switch and How...

Toggle switches are a common feature on many machines and equipment, including cars.