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“Bituo” and “Tetracomp Electronic Components Ltd”
“Bituo” and “Tetracomp Electron...

At 1st July, warmly congratulate that we BITUO ELECTRIC CO., LTD (Hereafter “BITUO”) reached an exclusive distributor agreement with TETRACOMP ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS LTD (Hereafter “TETRACOMP”). BITUO ELECTRIC, founded in 2009, has established one production bas...

What should we do under the Coronavirus?
What should we do under the Cor...

We refer to the bad situation of the corona virus pandemic outbreak which has caused so much difficulties to our lives and work, even the suffering and the loss of some of our loved ones. However, please be assured that we are here with you, the health and the h...

New Catalogue, New Start
New Catalogue, New Start

It is convenient to charge phones and many other devices that can use cables linked to USB sockets for charging.

How to choose the best Car USB Charger to be fitted in your car?
How to choose the best Car USB ...

Sometimes cars or vehicles may not be fitted with USB connections, or it may be that a variety of devices need to be charged using a USB charger whilst on the move in a vehicle.