Toggle Switch

The toggle switch is a manual control switch, and its main function is to control the on-off control of the AC and DC power circuits. Under normal circumstances, it can be applied to circuits of several kilohertz or even 1MHz. A toggle switch is activated by moving a lever back and forth to open or close a circuit.

BITUO offers a variety of switching functions – SPDT, SPST, DPDT, DPST, multiple actuators and bushing options. From miniature PCB mount to power rated panel mount switches, we have it all.

The main advantage of toggle switches is their small size and ease of operation, making them one of the most commonly used switches in electronic devices. It can be divided into splash-proof ball handle toggle switch, vertical mount right angle toggle switch, bipolar single gang toggle switch, standard surface mount screwless toggle switch and horizontal mount right angle toggle switch.

When installing the toggle switch, you should first select the appropriate switch and plug-in according to the usage conditions and functions.

Mini Type

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Sub-mini Type

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Medium Type

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