Indicator Light

The indicator light is generally composed of light-emitting diodes, they are usually used to reflect the working status of the circuit, equipment status, faults and other signal indications.

They are ideal for commercial-grade and light-industrial applications. The common operating voltages of indicator lights are AC380V, AC220V, DC24V, DC12V, DC6V, DC3V.

BITUO Indicator Light series offer a bright LED light that is available in five colors of red, green, yellow, blue and white. LED indicator light including LED indicator light with wire,Pin LED indicator light,Screw pin LED indicator light and Stitching LED indicator light that meets every type of application. It also has waterproof type and non-waterproof type.

You can also choose from three bezel styles; flat, round and protruding, various installation sizes (From 6mm to 22mm). Please see the specification sheet at for more information.