BTA16F-11EP Push Button Light Switch

    • Voltage: 1.5V-250V AC/DC
    • Current: 3mA~5A
    • LED Voltage: 3V~220VAC/DC
    • LED Current: 3mA~20mA
    • LED Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White
    • Switch Function: Latching or Momentary
    • Operating Temperature: -30℃~+80℃
    • Operating Force: Appr. 2.5~3N
    • Connection Mode: 1NO1NC
    • Installation Mode: Solder
    • Panel Mount Size: 16mm
    • IP Class: IP67
    • Protection Class: IK10
    • LED Life: 40,000 hours
    • Electrical Life: 50.000 Cycles
    • Mechanical Life: 250,000 Cycles
    • Contact Resistance: ≤50mΩ
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥1000mΩ
    • Dielectric Strength: 1900VACmin
    • OEM or ODM: Available

BITUO ELECTRIC Offers a broad line of sealed illuminated anti-vandal switches. We announce that the BTA series anti-vandal switch which is our most popular product will be your best partner no matter in your life or work.

The Push Button Light Switch are RoHs certified, offering a rating of 3A 250VAC, ranging in size from 8mm up to 40mm, panel cutout size and SPDT or DPDT function. our styles offer ring and dot illumination, the international standby symbol or non-illuminated options. With high-tech materials, measurement and control technology, the switch has a long operating life of up to 1,000,000 life cycles (momentary) and 500,000 (latching), which is very popular for use in kiosk applications, ticket dispensers and industrial-type applications etc.

Mushroom actuators along with raised or flat actuators give the design engineer a multitude of options. IP67 sealing is available along with a choice of body and actuator colors including stainless steel, nickel and anodized aluminum in black, red, yellow, green or blue. Bi-color, Tri-color LED options make endless the combination for any design need.

At the meantime, for the switch body enclosure, plastic and metal are available, it offers multiple color options including black, white, yellow, blue, green, red, nickel and stainless steel. Contact BITUO for Push Button Light Switch Switch today!


  1. Product Name: BTA16F-11EP Push Button Light Switch
  2. Voltage: 1.5V-250V AC/DC
  3. Current: 3mA~5A
  4. LED Voltage: 3V~220VAC/DC
  5. LED Current: 3mA~20mA
  6. LED Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White
  7. Switch Function: Latching or Momentary
  8. Operating Temperature: -30℃~+80℃
  9. Operating Force: Approximately 2.5~3N
  10. Connection Mode: 1NO1NC (1 Normally Open, 1 Normally Closed)
  11. Installation Mode: Solder
  12. Panel Mount Size: 16mm
  13. IP Class: IP67 (Ingress Protection rating, indicating resistance to dust and water)
  14. Protection Class: IK10 (Ingress Protection rating for impact resistance)
  15. LED Life: 40,000 hours
  16. Electrical Life: 50,000 Cycles
  17. Mechanical Life: 250,000 Cycles
  18. Contact Resistance: ≤50mΩ
  19. Insulation Resistance: ≥1000mΩ
  20. Dielectric Strength: 1900VAC min (the ability to withstand voltage without breaking down)
  21. OEM or ODM: Available (Original Equipment Manufacturer or Original Design Manufacturer, suggesting customization options)

This switch combines the functionality of a push button switch with an integrated LED light. The LED component has various color options, and its voltage and current specifications are provided.


Push Button Light Switch BTA16F-11EPL BTA16F-11EPM

BTA16F-11EP is Push Button Light Switch. These buttons uses power symbol and flat button that offering a rating of 1.5V-250V AC/DC. Latching or momentary are available for this switch. Besides, it uses solder terminals for quick and easy installation. And the LED color can be red, yellow, blue, green, white and so on.

All advantages of the anti-vandal switch can’t be described in a few words, but they are more and more popular all over the world. Furthermore, We provide our product based on the factory price. Please contact us freely for your best quote now!


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