Rocker Switch

  • Stable Electrical Performance
  • Reliable Mechanical Performance
  • Excellent Waterproof Performance

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    Rocker Switch

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    BITUO ELECTRIC Offers a broad line of rocker switches. With more than 10,000 cycles of mechanical Life, IP54 dust-proof performance and IP67 waterproof performance, high-precision plastic injection processing technology, in line with the industry’s high standard assembly process, our products are favored by trillions of users all over the world.

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    Rocker Switch Guide

    The advantages of using rocker switch

    1. The breaking range is large. Due to the problem of torque, the rocker switch can give the movable parts a larger breaking range. Therefore, the torsion of the spring inside the rocker switch will not be too high, which increases the service life of the switch.

    2. The number of wiring is limited. The large boat-type switch is generally below 4 positions, which limits the number of wiring at the rear of the switch and ensures that there is sufficient space in the cassette.

    3. Reduce the risk of leakage during use. The small button switch is generally only the size of a finger. If the user’s hand is in a wet state (such as in the bathroom), the finger is in full contact with the button, and at the same time, it also touches the gap between the button and the panel. If the quality of the switch is poor, the internal conductor of the switch may come into contact with water and leak electricity, posing a threat to the user. The large ship-type switch has a relatively large pressing space, which reduces the risk in this regard.

    Rocker Switch Guide
    Rocker Switch Guide

    Why choose BITUO rocker switch?

    • Temperature-resistant material PA66, stable product, good performance, well-designed.
    • Long service life, strong hardness and wear resistance, no deformation.
    • Standard rocker switch design, using high-performance point-to-point metal, faster conductivity, lower resistance, and safer use.
    • Using environmentally friendly materials, all materials and products comply with EU ROHS environmental protection standards, providing customers with qualified high-quality switches.
    • Rocker switches are widely used in automotive industry, battery car industry, mechanical equipment, aerospace equipment, kitchen appliance equipment, medical beauty equipment and etc.