Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

At this stage, with the continuous acceleration of the industrialization process, the precision requirements for various types of machinery and equipment are getting higher and higher. As an original electrical appliance manufacturer, BITUO ELECTRIC has insisted on focusing on the research and development and production of switches for 18 years, specializing in the production of Anti-vandal switch, rocker switch, toggle switch, micro switch, tact switch and indicator light.

The metal parts are processed by high-end CNC numerical control equipment, which ensures the accuracy, gloss and consistency of the operation feel of the product. To be safer, we use high-quality safety materials to make the plastic parts of the strong electric part of the shell, and the flame-retardant grade is UL94 V0.

The metal parts are processed by high-end CNC numerical control equipment
Metal accessories processed by high-end CNC numerical control equipment

From product design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, metal stamping, assembly inspection, all carried out in the factory, which effectively guarantees the quality of the product and can meet the increasingly tight delivery time of customers.

At the same time, BITUO products have long-term reliability and stability, from micro instruments to large machinery, OEM design engineers trust our products not only for their style but also for their performance. BITUO ELECTRIC is widely used for its unparalleled quality and aesthetics and is the most well-known switch brand in the industry. With more than 10 years of design experience, BITUO Electric is also able to provide custom product solutions to ensure the most stringent design requirements are met.

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