• Type of Battery: AA
    • No. of Battery: Six
    • Material: PA66
    • Wire Spec: 15cm 26AWG
    • Temperature: -25~+ 85°C
    • OEM/ODM: Available

A 6 AA Battery Holder is one or more compartments or chambers for holding a battery. For dry cells, the holder must also make electrical contact with the battery terminals. For wet cells, cables are often connected to the battery terminals, as is found in automobiles or emergency lighting equipment.

A battery holder is either a plastic case with the shape of the housing-moulded as a compartment or compartments that accepts a battery or batteries, or a separate plastic holder that is mounted with screws, eyelets, glue, double-sided tape, or other means. Battery holders may have a lid to retain and protect the batteries or may be sealed to prevent damage to circuitry and components from battery leakage. Coiled spring wire or flat tabs that press against the battery terminals are the two most common methods of making the electrical connection inside a holder. External connections on battery holders are usually made by contacts with pins, surface mount feet, solder lugs, or wire leads.

The battery snap is designed to snap onto the leads on the terminal end of any standard 9V battery. These battery straps have two leads, a red “positive” wire and a black “negative” wire. For larger numbers of wires, a bit of solder added to this joint is a good idea.

For all of your project needs, we have a large assortment battery holders and boxes for all of the basic battery types, AA, AAA, C, and D cells as well as CR-123 and CR18650 lithium cells. A good selection of 9V battery snaps and pc mount holders for many varieties of coin cells.

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6 AA Battery Holder BH5-6002

BH5-6002 is 6 AA Battery Holder. This box is widely using in Battery Equipment, like toys. Bituo offering many kinds of good quality battery holders and different connection type. OEM/ODM is available at Bituo!

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