Car Modification and Upgrade

With the development of the times, more and more people like to upgrade and modify their vehicles to meet more travel needs, such as camping, off-road and so on.

BITUO offers a wide range of automotive switches and components. BITUO’s reliable, high-performance and high-quality switches have won users’ unanimous praise from all over the world.

BITUO has excellent performance automotive switches, relays and fuse elements. Our switch range includes toggle switch, rocker switch, high power battery switch, marine grade switch, key switch, push-pull switch, automotive toggle switch, LED rocket switch, switch panel. In addition, we also offer 12 volts automotive relay such as standard 6 pin relay, high current relay that can withstand up to 200 Amps. Also, they are suitable for low voltage 12 & 24volts DC switch or 120 & 240volts AC switch. They are also available in different switch configurations such as SPST (Single Pole Single Throw), SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw), DPST (Double Pole Single Throw) and DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw). On, Off and Latching On, Momentary On switch functions are also available for rocker switches and toggle switches.

slide switch voltage selector

For example, there are data records that a car is stolen every 50 seconds in the United States. You already know how common car theft is, which is why you might want to get some ideas for car immobilizer switches and DIY installation kits. Install a simple and relatively inexpensive hidden car kill switch that will keep your car from starting even if that pricey alarm system is bypassed. Here are 5 ways to install a kill switch:

1.Fuel line shut-off value.

Fuel line shut-off value

2.Car Battery Disconnect Switch.

Car Battery Disconnect Switch

3.Remote Controlled Car Battery Switch.

Remote Controlled Car Battery Switch

4.Fuse Box Kill Switch.


5.gnition Wire Kill Switch.

Ignition Wire Kill Switch

The company’s reliability and unrivaled custom design capabilities make BITUO the first choice for switches that can withstand the extreme harsh environments that modern vehicles represent, providing a solid foundation for your life and work. These switches provide protection against overloads, overheating and short circuits, making them excellent companions for retrofitting and upgrading your car.