Guitar Effects Manufacturing and Modification

Part 1Circuit diagram, schematic diagram

First of all, you have to have a general understanding of different effects, the most important ones are overload (also called overdrive, fader), distortion, various peripheral effects such as flanger, tremelo, delay ), chrous, fuzz, etc.

For example, the schematic diagram of a typical Muff fuzz effector looks like this:

There is another kind of picture, which was edited by layout software. The following picture is made by myself according to the circuit diagram with software.

Part 2 Tools and Electronic Components Preparation

Let’s talk about electronic components first. Electronic components are divided into two parts, one is what is inside the circuit board, and the other is outside the circuit board. In the circuit board, the common ones are Resistance, Capacitor, Diode Transistor, Integrated Circuit (IC), LED Light, Effect Tube FET, and so on. The most convenient way is to go to the local electronic originals market. The basic originals needed to make effects are sold. Just buy it according to the circuit diagram you need.

On the other hand, the components outside the circuit board are mainly potentiometers.

DC & Audio Jack

DC Audio Jack

Pedal Switch .


Pedal Switch

The tools required for soldering circuit boards include electric soldering iron, electric welding wire, flux, electric drill gun, spray paint, sandpaper, newspaper, acrylic, paintbrush and other painting tools.

Part 3. Welding

This is the structure diagram

structure diagram

First, through the drawings  , find the most concise and space-saving connection method, and then on the multi-purpose board, which is the dark yellow board I used, plug the components hole by hole. , if some components are connected together, cross the legs of the components, and then cut off the long legs, like this:

through the drawings

Then heat the wire with a soldering iron to solder the legs of the component to the circuit board. How to weld? Plug in the electric soldering iron, wait for the electric soldering iron to be preheated, dip it in the solder, and you can go to soldering.

heat the wire with a soldering iron

After soldering the circuit board, you have to connect the 6.5 socket, the LED light and the switch with wires. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles, the in and out of the circuit board, in means here to be connected to the “circuit in” of the switch, out Same thing. Here is a picture of my buffer:

IC Buffer redesigned by lee li

The way to connector pedal switch:

the way to connector pedal switch

Part 4 Debug

At this time, leave a little wire between the positive and negative wires of the power supply, hook the power interface, and then connect the 9v external positive and internal negative power supplies, plug in the bass or guitar and speakers, and try true bypass, that is, the effector is turned off. Time to speak up. If there is no sound, check whether the wiring is well connected, and do not need to check the circuit; if the effector is turned on and the light is on, it means that there is current, if there is no sound, check the circuit to see if there is any soldering missed.

Part 5 Enclosure

Aluminum enclosures  are available in various sizes.

Aluminum enclosures 125B


Aluminum enclosures1590B


Drilling and Polishing

Drilling and Polishing Detail


Part 6 Painting and silk screen.

Guitar Effect Parts for DIY enthusiast

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Guitar Effect Parts for DIY enthusias
Guitar Effect Parts for DIY enthusias ocd
Painting and silk screen