Auto Parts

As the basis of the automobile industry, auto parts are necessary factors to support the sustainable and healthy development of the automobile industry.

Automobile switch refers to a device designed to control the power supply of electrical appliances, signal on and off, and adjust the magnitude of the current signal. It has the following features:

Itsappearance is beautiful, and the color and texture of the surface must be coordinated with the hue of the interior parts of the vehicle to improve the comfort of the passengers.

In the design, it is necessary to consider that the vehicle should not cause personal injury to the occupants.

Working voltage: At present, the voltage of most cars is 12V while a small number of cars is 24V.

Working current: According to different purposes, its load current can range from 1mA to 10A.

Diversified working environment:different geography, temperature, and relative humidity will affect the reliability of the switch. BITUO can provide a full range of auto parts, such as car socket, car USB, car meter, car switch and accessories.

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