• Rating: 500A 32VDC
    • Operating Temperature: -30℃~+70℃
    • Fuse Type: ANL Fuse
    • Electrical Life: 10,000 Cycles
    • Contact Resistance: ≤20mΩ
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥500MΩ
    • Dielectric Strength: 3000VACmin
    • OEM or ODM: Available

ANL Fuse Holder are devices for containing, protecting and mounting fuses. Fuse holders come in two basic types, open or fully enclosed. Open fuse holder types are fuse clips, fuse blocks, socket and plug-on cap varieties. The fully enclosed variety may use a fuse carrier that is inserted into a holder or have other means to fully enclose the fuse.

BITUO offers standard fuse sizes range from ¼” diameter, 5/8” length (1AG) to ¼” diameter 1” length (8AG), to 5mm x 20 mm, pico fuses and automotive blade.  “Automobile Glass” fuses use the term “AG” in the fuse size designation. Bakelite fiber, ceramic or other similar material fuses use the term “AB” instead of “AG” in the size designation, but retain the dimensions of the “AG” types. Automotive blade fuse sizes differ from glass tube sizes due to the shape of the fuse.  Important performance specifications to consider when searching for fuse holders include normal operating current, rated operating voltage, and power dissipation capacity.

The maximum power dissipation (self-heating) of the fuse used with the fuse holder. Also called the Rated Power Acceptance. The minimum conducting path or conductor cross-sectional area of the conductor connected to the fuse holder should also be considered.

Mounting choices for fuse holders include fuse block, fuse clip, panel mount, PC mount, snap mount, and in-line mount.  Important environmental parameters to consider when specifying fuse holders include operating temperature. Contact BITUO for ANL Fuse Holder today!

ANL Fuse Holder BTF-ANL4

BTF-ANL4 is ANL Fuse Holder. The fuse box is with ANL fuse and using for car or marine equipment. Bituo also offer a variety of fuse holders and fuses, like 5×20, 6×30, 10×38, car blade fuse and ANL fuse and so on.

All advantages of the fuse holders can’t be described in a few words, but they are more and more popular all over the world. Furthermore, We provide our product based on the factory price. Please contact us freely for your best quote now!

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