JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector

    • Rating: 1KV
    • Metal Material: Copper
    • Plastic Material: Fire-Retardant
    • Wire Guage: 120-240mm²/25-120mm²
    • Temperature: -25~+ 85°C
    • OEM/ODM: Available

JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector: Reliable and Versatile Electrical Solution

The JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector is a high-quality electrical component designed to provide reliable and secure connections for a wide range of applications. Engineered with precision and built to withstand demanding conditions, this piercing connector ensures efficient power transmission and long-lasting performance.

Key Features:

  • Rating: The JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector is rated at 1KV, making it suitable for high-voltage applications. This robust rating ensures that the connector can handle significant electrical loads, providing dependable performance in various environments.
  • Metal Material: Constructed from premium copper, the metal components of the connector offer excellent conductivity and durability. Copper is known for its superior electrical properties, ensuring minimal resistance and optimal power flow through the connector.
  • Plastic Material: The connector’s plastic parts are made from fire-retardant material, enhancing safety and reliability. This fire-retardant plastic helps prevent the spread of fire in the event of an electrical fault, providing an extra layer of protection for critical electrical systems.
  • Wire Gauge: The JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector supports wire gauges ranging from 120mm² to 240mm² for the main conductor and 25mm² to 120mm² for the tap conductor. This wide range of supported wire sizes makes the connector versatile and suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.
  • Temperature Range: Designed to operate effectively in a temperature range of -25°C to +85°C, this connector is built to perform reliably in diverse environmental conditions. Whether in extreme cold or intense heat, the JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector maintains its integrity and performance.
  • OEM/ODM Availability: To meet specific project requirements, OEM and ODM options are available. This customization capability ensures that the connector can be tailored to fit unique applications, providing the perfect solution for specialized needs.


The JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Industrial Automation: Ensuring secure and efficient connections in automated machinery and systems.
  • Power Distribution: Providing reliable connections in electrical distribution networks and substations.
  • Renewable Energy: Suitable for use in solar and wind energy systems, ensuring efficient power transmission.
  • Construction: Reliable connections for temporary and permanent electrical installations in construction projects.
  • Transportation: Used in rail, automotive, and other transportation systems for secure electrical connections.

Installation and Maintenance:

The JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector is designed for easy installation, with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the connection process. The piercing design allows for quick and secure connections without the need for stripping the insulation from the wires. This not only saves time but also ensures a more secure and reliable connection.

Maintenance of the connector is minimal, thanks to its durable construction and high-quality materials. The fire-retardant plastic and robust copper components ensure long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Customization and Support:

With OEM and ODM options available, the JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector can be customized to meet specific project requirements. Whether you need a different pin configuration, specific materials, or unique dimensions, customization options ensure that the connector fits your exact needs.

Our team of experts is available to provide support and guidance, helping you choose the right configuration and customization options for your application. We are committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.


The JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector is a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of electrical applications. With its high voltage rating, superior materials, and wide temperature range, it offers dependable performance in even the most demanding environments. Explore the benefits of this high-quality piercing connector and enhance the reliability and efficiency of your electrical systems with the JJC-240120 IPC Piercing Connector.

IPC Piercing Connector JJC-240120

JJC-240120 is IPC Piercing Connector. This IPC is widely using at cable connecting. Bituoelec offer a variety of dimension including customs cable guage. OEM/ODM is available at Bituoelec!

All advantages of the IPC can’t be described in a few words, but they are more and more popular all over the world. Furthermore, We provide our product based on the factory price. Please Contact Us freely for your best quote now!

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