The advantages of choosing waterproof push button switch from Bituo Electric.

Abstract: Tact switches belong to the category of electronic switches, which are now used in mobile phones, digital cameras and other related electronics industries.

The advantages of choosing Bituo Electric’s waterproof push button switch!

Dust-proof and waterproof button switches are classified as waterproof plastic button switches, light-touch plastic buttons/metal buttons, normally open/normally closed functions are optional, exquisite and beautiful, using the French Abbe APEM process planning concept, combined with the characteristics of domestic and foreign users, all The parts reach IP67 waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof grade.

The reason for choosing Bituo Electric’s dust-proof and waterproof button switches, waterproof switches, self-locking waterproof switches, and self-returning waterproof button switches: Bituo Electric’s button switches have a protection level of up to IP67, with 6 anti-dust, waterproof, Oil-proof, anti-collision, anti-corrosion and anti-lightning strike. Welcome new and old customers to come to consult, negotiate, request samples, and order!

The shape of the switch is convex, and it is generally used as a signal output. The product supports IP67 protection specifications (according to EN60529 specifications), CE international specifications and ROHS environmental protection specifications.

The biggest feature of this product is that all the switching elements are designed with a peristaltic structure, so that the switch can be enhanced to accept the load. The contact has a self-cleaning function, the reliability is millions of grades, and the size is exquisite, the appearance is exquisite, economical, and cost-effective. Another feature of this product is the smallest touch metal key switch in the industry, which avoids the problem that some customers cannot install it due to lack of space. Standard products are equipped with fixing nuts and waterproof washers. Waterproof button switches are used in: hotel equipment, lamps, sailing equipment, building models, bank alarm equipment, access security, aviation, automobiles, computers and peripheral equipment, medical equipment, communication equipment, fruit juice dispensers, coin-operated machines, coffee machines, Juicers, vending machines, dehumidifiers, small appliances, etc.

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