WPC Series Rocker Switch Cover

    • WPC-01: For 21x15mm Switch
    • WPC-02: For 23mm Switch
    • WPC-03: For 30.5×13.5mm Switch
    • WPC-04: For 31x25mm Switch
    • Temperature: -25~+ 85°C
    • WPC-04B: For 32x25mm Switch
    • WPC-13: For 25x17mm Switch
    • WPC-16: For 17mm Switch
    • WPC-1510: For 14.8×10.2mm Switch
    • OEM/ODM: Available

A rocker switch is a type of on / off electrical switch that rocks back and forth on a pivot point between positions when pressed. When the Rocker Switch Cover is pressed, one side of the switch is raised, while the other side is depressed, similar to the way in which a playground seesaw operates. Most rocker switches are designed to operate low amperage circuits, which make them ideal for control functions in the interior of a vehicle. Rocker switches are also commonly found in many consumer electronics and household appliances, used for their low cost and simple mode of operation.

Rocker switches can be found on virtually all modern vehicles in one form or another; both in their basic form, and when combined with a spring-loaded mechanism, making them a very practical choice to control the electronics functions in the interior of a vehicle. Due to the overall design, debris can build up underneath either end of the rocker switch if it is not sealed, making it difficult or even impossible to use if not properly maintained. If you choose to use a sealed rocker switch, it’s important to note that the operator interface design needs to include a sealed connector and wires. Because of these potential drawbacks, and the fact that minimal force is needed to engage the switch, rockers are typically used for interior applications, like the controls inside the cab of a refuse truck.

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Rocker Switch Cover WPC Series

WPC Series is Rocker Switch Cover. WPC-01/WPC-02/WPC-13 is using for MRS rocker switch. WPC-03 is using for SRS rocker switch. WPC-04/WPC-04B is using for DRS rocker switch. WPC-16/WPC-1510 is using for SMRS rocker switch.

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