Rocker switch failure problems

Abstract: Tact switches belong to the category of electronic switches, which are now used in mobile phones, digital cameras and other related electronics industries.

Rocker switch failure problem

Rocker switch, the red light is very common when it is switched on. Sometimes it can’t be turned off, it just can’t bounce back, and the air switch is often skipped. Solution to the problem:

There is a metal piece inside the ship-shaped switch with a spring fulcrum in the middle. The spring displacement and the aging and deformation of the plastic bracket make the switch inflexible. You can disassemble it after powering off and have a look. If the plastic part is not damaged, it may be restored. The neutral wire inside the rocker switch is straight-through and has nothing to do with the switch components. Therefore, if the switch jumps to the air switch, the insulation layer of the neutral wire of the switch is damaged. You can cut off the damaged section and reconnect it. Pay attention to the insulation. It may also be that the pin of the indicator light is short-circuited, just re-wiring.

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