• Rated Voltage: 115/250VAC
    • Rated Current: 1A/3A/6A/10A
    • Insulation Resistance:≥50 MΩ
    • Withstand Voltage:1500VAC/Min
    • Life: 5,000 Cycles
    • Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Temperature: -25~+ 85°C
    • OEM/ODM: Available

Emi Emc, or electromagnetic interference filters, also called Rfi Filter or radio-frequency interference filters, are an electrical device / circuit that mitigate the high frequency Electromagnetic noise present on the power and signal lines. The high frequency noise is generated by a variety of electrical and electronic devices such as motors, electronic controls, power supplies, inverters, clock circuits, microprocessors, appliances, electronic devices etc. This noise is typically in the 9KHz to 10GHz frequency range and it can degrade or prevent the signal transmissions and/or the intended performance of an electrical/electronic equipment. The lower frequency components of the EM noise can impact the power quality as well.

With this characteristic of the EMI filter, a square wave group or composite noise passing through the power supply filter can be converted into a sine wave of a specific frequency.

The noise to be suppressed by the line filter can be divided into the following two types:

1) common mode: The same noise on two (or more) power lines can be seen as the noise of power lines to the ground.

2) differential mode: Noise between power lines

An EMI filter will have different suppressing capabilities for common mode noise and differential mode noise, and will generally be described by the spectrum of the frequency corresponding to the suppression (in decibels).

At BITUO ELECTRIC, we offer a complete selection of standard (off the shelf) Power line, IEC Inlet, MIL-COTS, TEMPEST EMI filters for DC, single phase and 3-phase AC (delta and wye) applications. Our EMI / EMC / RFI Filter solutions, range from small 1A single phase or DC EMI filter to high-power 2500A / 690VAC industrial 3-phase EMI filters and 2500A / 1200VDC EMI filters for inverter applications. Most of our standard catalog items carry international approvals.

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Rfi Filter DBI5

DBI5 is Rfi Filter. This is filter with fuse widely using in the electric industry. Bituo put a high value on qulity for all of sockets. And offering various kinds of currents. Besides, it uses solder terminal for quick connection and easy to assemble.

All advantages of the Emi Filters can’t be described in a few words, but they are more and more popular all over the world. Furthermore, We provide our product based on the factory price. Please Contact Us freely for your best quote now!

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