1590J Hammond Aluminum Box

1590J Hammond Aluminum Box from Bituo is great for the DIY pedal builder that is just getting started in building pedals. It offers OEM service and its water-proof level up to IP54. Products choose high-quality aluminum, also can according to the customer asked to select material, non-corrosive good insulation.1032L Heated Aluminum Enclosure is suitable for indoor and outdoor electrical, electronic, communication, firee equipment, control panel, terminal BOX, PCB BOX, shipping, oil chemical, large factories, coastal factories, discharging terminal equipment, dirty wastewater treatment facilities, environmental hazards facilities, etc.

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    • Dimension: 145 x 95 x 49.5mm
    • Material: Aluminum
    • IP Class: IP54
    • OEM or ODM: Available

1590J Hammond Aluminum Box is a rugged diecast aluminum alloy enclosure suitable for electronic instruments which are tough, yet easy to machine. It has a lap joint construction which provides IP54 protection against dust and splashing water and also provides improved EMI/RFI shielding. The enclosure, also known as a Stomp Box, is available in a rectangular, trapezoidal, or octagonal design.

BITUO manufactures an extensive range of high-quality Aluminium Boxes for a wide variety of electronics equipment and applications, including 1590 series, 125 series, 1032series and etc. Our engineers employ the latest manufacturing technology, using diecasting, extrusions, and sheet aluminum to create our modern range of highly versatile enclosures. It is designed to meet IP54, and 2mm-thick, die-cast enclosure to satisfy your different use environment. Lap joint construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water.

1590J Hammond Aluminum Box

1590J Hammond Aluminum Box is very good manufactured, with no flash, the surface is very smooth. We have the flexibility of choosing a specific metal to take advantage of its unique properties ranging from electrical conductivity, to heat resistance, to corrosive resistance – and combine it with another metal with its own beneficial properties.

All advantages of the Aluminum Enclosure can’t be described in a few words, but they are more and more popular all over the world. Furthermore, We provide our product based on the factory price. Please contact us freely for your best quote now!


BITUO’s extensive range of high-quality Aluminum Boxes, including the 1590 series, 125 series, 1032 series, and others, offers versatile enclosures suitable for a wide variety of electronics equipment and applications. These enclosures are designed to meet the diverse needs of the electronics industry and provide a range of features and benefits for different use cases. Some of the key advantages of BITUO’s Aluminum Boxes include:

  1. Variety of Series: BITUO offers a range of series, each tailored to specific applications and requirements. This ensures that customers can find enclosures that suit their needs in terms of size, features, and design.
  2. High-Quality Materials: The use of high-quality aluminum ensures durability and robustness. Aluminum is known for its lightweight yet strong properties, making it an ideal choice for enclosures.
  3. Wide Application Compatibility: These enclosures can accommodate a variety of electronics equipment, such as PCBs, control panels, communication devices, and more, making them versatile and adaptable to different industries.
  4. Modern Manufacturing Techniques: The use of modern manufacturing technologies, including diecasting, extrusions, and sheet aluminum, ensures that the enclosures are built to meet current industry standards and expectations.
  5. IP Rating: The enclosures are designed to meet IP54 standards, indicating that they provide protection against dust ingress and are suitable for use in environments where splashing water may occur.
  6. Customization: Enclosures often offer customization options, allowing customers to add cutouts, holes, or other modifications to suit their specific electronic equipment and components.
  7. Diverse Applications: These enclosures are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including industrial settings, electronics manufacturing, control systems, and more.

BITUO’s Aluminum Boxes cater to the evolving needs of the electronics industry, offering enclosures that combine durability, versatility, and customization options. Whether you’re working on a DIY electronics project or need enclosures for industrial equipment, BITUO’s range of aluminum enclosures provides a comprehensive solution for various applications.


The use of advanced manufacturing technology, including diecasting, extrusions, and sheet aluminum, in creating your range of highly versatile enclosures is a testament to the quality and innovation of your products. Here are some key highlights from your description:

  1. Diecasting: Diecasting is a precise and efficient manufacturing method that allows for the creation of complex shapes and designs. It ensures that your enclosures are built with accuracy and consistency, which is essential for electronics equipment housing.
  2. Extrusions: Extrusions involve the shaping of aluminum through a die, resulting in profiles that are useful for creating frames and enclosures. Extrusions provide structural integrity and versatility in design.
  3. Sheet Aluminum: Sheet aluminum offers flexibility in design and customization. It allows for the creation of various enclosure sizes and shapes to suit different applications and equipment.
  4. IP54 Rating: Meeting the IP54 standard ensures that the enclosures provide protection against dust ingress and are resistant to splashing water. This level of protection is vital for equipment used in a range of environments.
  5. 2mm Thickness: The use of 2mm-thick die-cast aluminum provides robustness and durability to the enclosures. Thicker material adds to the overall strength and protection of the enclosed electronics.
  6. Versatility: The combination of these manufacturing technologies and features makes your enclosures highly versatile, suitable for a diverse range of use environments and equipment types.

These manufacturing techniques and design considerations reflect a commitment to producing high-quality, adaptable enclosures that can meet the demands of the electronics industry. Whether for industrial, commercial, or DIY applications, these enclosures are well-prepared to provide the protection and functionality required in a variety of settings.

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