1590XX Hammond Pedal Enclosures

1590XX Hammond Pedal Enclosures from Bituo is great for the DIY pedal builder that is just getting started in building pedals. It offers OEM service and its waterproof level up to IP54. IP 54 Enclosure Characteristic can provide protection from dirt, dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material, protection from contact with enclosed equipment, and protection from splashing water.

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    • Dimension: 145 x 121 x 39.5mm
    • Material: Aluminum
    • IP Class: IP54
    • OEM or ODM: Available

1590XX Hammond Pedal Enclosures has a high level of protection against particles, and a fair amount of protection against water. All of our enclosures rigorously comply with the guidelines, so you can count on quality and cost-efficient enclosures. 1590XX Guitar Pedal Aluminum Enclosure is designed to house P.C. boards or for equipment interfacing
It is sized for standard Eurocards P.C. boards mount horizontally by sliding into internal slots extruded into the enclosure body. Rugged body constructed from extruded aluminum with a minimum thickness of .06” (1.5 mm) Extruded body includes a slide removable “belly” plate – except in smaller sizes “A” through “D”.

BITUO manufactures an extensive range of high-quality Aluminium Boxes for a wide variety of electronics equipment and applications, including 1590 series, 125 series, 1032series and etc. Our engineers employ the latest manufacturing technology, using diecasting, extrusions, and sheet aluminum to create our modern range of highly versatile enclosures. It is designed to meet IP54, and 2mm-thick, die-cast enclosure to satisfy your different use environment. Lap joint construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water.

1590XX Hammond Pedal Enclosures

1590XX Hammond Pedal Enclosures with an IP54 rating, this versatile range offers light protection against dust and low-pressure water spray. A lot of sizes are available which come
complete with screws and selected sizes include PCB guides. This range is suited to applications in low-risk environments where only a minor amount of moisture is present.

All advantages of the Aluminum Enclosure can’t be described in a few words, but they are more and more popular all over the world. Furthermore, We provide our product based on the factory price. Please contact us freely for your best quote now!


The 1590XX Hammond Pedal Enclosures from Bituo are an excellent choice for DIY pedal builders, particularly those who are new to building guitar effects pedals. These enclosures have several advantages, making them a popular option for beginners:

  1. Standard Size: The 1590XX enclosure is a standard size commonly used in the pedal industry, making it compatible with many existing circuit boards and components. This is beneficial for beginners as it simplifies the build process.
  2. Durable Construction: The enclosures are built to be sturdy and protective, ensuring that the enclosed pedal components are well-protected and can withstand regular use and potential impacts.
  3. Customization: They can be easily customized to accommodate various components, such as switches, jacks, knobs, and LED indicators. This customization allows for the creation of unique and personalized pedal designs.
  4. Professional Appearance: The enclosures’ clean and durable finish, along with their compatibility with labels and graphics, gives DIY pedals a professional and polished look, which is essential for both aesthetics and branding.
  5. Affordability: Aluminum enclosures like the 1590XX are typically cost-effective, making them accessible to DIY builders without a significant financial investment.
  6. IP54 Rating: Meeting IP54 standards ensures that the enclosures provide protection against dust, dirt, splashing water, and non-corrosive materials. This level of protection is important for pedals used in various environments.

The inclusion of IP54-rated enclosures offers added benefits, particularly for musicians who may use their pedals in a variety of settings, including outdoor or stage environments where exposure to dust and moisture is possible.

Overall, the 1590XX Hammond Pedal Enclosures are a great choice for those new to building guitar effects pedals. Their standard size, durability, customization options, affordability, and IP54 rating make them an ideal enclosure for housing pedal circuits and creating customized effects for personal use or even for sale to others.


The 1590XX Hammond Pedal Enclosures with an IP54 rating are designed to offer light protection against dust and low-pressure water spray. Here are some key features and characteristics of these enclosures:

  1. IP54 Rating: The IP54 rating indicates that these enclosures provide protection against dust and limited water ingress. They are suitable for applications where only a minor amount of moisture is present, such as low-pressure water spray.
  2. Versatile Range: The availability of various sizes in this range ensures that you can select an enclosure that best fits your specific needs. Different sizes accommodate different electronic components and equipment.
  3. Complete with Screws: These enclosures typically come with screws included, making it convenient for users to assemble and secure their electronic components inside the enclosure.
  4. PCB Guides: Selected sizes include PCB (Printed Circuit Board) guides, which can help in securing and positioning circuit boards inside the enclosure, simplifying the assembly process.
  5. Low-Risk Environments: These enclosures are well-suited for use in low-risk environments where exposure to moisture is minimal. They are particularly valuable in applications where only occasional exposure to moisture or dust is expected.

These enclosures are ideal for DIY projects and applications where a moderate level of protection against environmental factors is required. The combination of the IP54 rating, versatile sizes, and included components like screws and PCB guides makes them a practical choice for those looking to house electronic equipment in environments with minor moisture exposure.

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