KN3-3A Guarded Toggle Switch

KN3-3A is a Guarded Toggle Switch. This switch with 6 terminals and uses an operability handle that offering an ON-OFF function. It is widely using for industrial equipment. Besides, it uses solder terminals for quick and easy installation.

    • Rating: 6A 125VAC/3A 250VAC
    • Switch Function: ON-ON
    • Terminal Type: Solder Terminal
    • Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃
    • Dielectric Strength: 1500VACmin
    • Panel Mount Size: 12mm
    • Electrical Life: 10,000 Cycles
    • Contact Resistance: ≤50mΩ
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥1000mΩ
    • OEM or ODM: Available

BITUO Switches are leading the industry in quality, durability. This switch features screw terminals and ON-OFF-ON circuitry. This switch is perfect for industrial equipment or emergency lighting.

Guarded Toggle Switch KN3-3A

Guarded Toggle Switch is used in numerous applications from snowplows, agricultural and industrial applications where a rugged sealed toggle is required. A switch is a device used to control the flow of current in an electrical system. A simple switch connects two terminals electrically when a conductor connected to one terminal comes into contact with another terminal.

Guarded Toggle Switch, also known as a four-way switch, are two single pole switches put together. Two separate circuits are controlled by one switch. This is typically used to control a circuit from multiple locations in a series of three switches on one circuit. A double pole switch can be used to control light and a fan or 2 lights on separate circuits. It is easy to wire a double pole switch to work as a single pole switch because only one side is used instead of both.

All advantages of Toggle Switches can’t be described in a few words, but they are more and more popular all over the world. Furthermore, We provide our product based on the factory price. Please contact us freely for your best quote now!

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